4 Reasons Why Spring is the Best Time to Upgrade Your Floors

Springtime is on the horizon! With the start of the unofficial “home improvement” season coming up too, it’s time to get ahead of the rush and start your home remodel projects now. If you’ve been thinking about replacing your existing flooring with new floors, spring is the perfect time to do so.

Let’s talk about four reasons why spring may be the best time to invest in new floors for your home.

1. Optimal temperature and humidity levels

Floors, particularly wood planks, can be very sensitive to temperature and humidity levels, and they can expand or contract depending on the outside temperature. Your floors must be acclimated to the environment where they will be installed in order to prevent future issues. This acclimation process is much easier during the spring months when the temperatures are mild. When the hot summer months begin, this installation process becomes much more difficult for everyone involved.

2. Good ventilation during the process

The flooring installation process requires good ventilation due to increased dust and fumes in the air. Replacing your floors in the spring means windows can remain open, letting in the fresh air without making your home too warm or too cool. This increased ventilation is not only good for the air quality, but also for the comfort of our installers and your family as well.

3. You’ll save on energy bills

When a floor is being installed into your home, not only will your windows remain open, but your doors will open and close frequently as well. Flooring technicians will be coming in and out every few minutes with various installation tools, and the floor itself will be brought in through the door too. This frequent door activity can cause issues during the winter and summer months, as it can make your furnace or air conditioner work overtime. You may not realize the problem as it’s happening, but you’ll see it manifest in a spike in your energy bills. In the mild spring weather, this is far less likely to become an issue.

4. You’ll get ahead of the summer rush!

Spring and summer are the busiest times of year for flooring companies — and for home improvement projects as well. In addition to a high demand for renovations and floor replacements, the warmer months are “prime time” for home builders, many of whom rely on us to install their flooring. By contacting us early in the season, you’ve got a better opportunity to get on our calendar. When you’re looking to start a floor replacement project, long wait times can be frustrating. Avoid this frustration by calling us in the springtime!

Of course, we can replace and install your floors with great success during any time of year. But for added convenience and quicker response times, we’ve found springtime to be the best time to schedule a floor replacement.

Itching to upgrade your floors this spring?

At Re/Defined Flooring, we are a family-owned business with a strong passion for turning dreams into reality. We have served the Indianapolis area for many years and have built a reputation of providing excellent quality and service at any budget. If you’re ready to give your floors a much-needed upgrade, contact us today to get your project started. We’re looking forward to bringing your vision to life!